Everybody Keep Calm

for 3 players covering ranges low to high (2013) 6:00 – 10:00 Premiered on Rétes series at Spectrum NYC 2013 by Mary Rowell, Kevin Norton and the composer.

Spice Mixes 1 – 3

for a flexible ensemble of between 2 and 6 players (2013 – 14) 4:00 – 8:00 Mixes 1 and 2 were premiered at Spectrum NYC 2013 by Jim Pugliese and the composer. Spice Mix 3 will be premiered by Ensemble 50 on the Composers Now Festival, January 30, 2015.

In Short, Db

for a flexible ensemble of a minimum of 10 players (2014) 18:00 – 45:00 Premiered June 2014 on Make Music NY by In Key.

Mathematically Inclined

for Percussion Quartet (1997) 8:50 Premiered on 8/97 by Talujon Percussion Quartet at the Chautauqua Music Festival

Duo for Marimba and Piano

Composed for marimba and piano (1991) 5:48 Premiered by Eric LeCain and the composer 5/91

The piece was arranged for pre-recorded videotape and piano and premiered at SECCA 3/92 by Eleonor Sandresky with Matt Spatero performing on video.


Carry Me Down to the River of Grace

for Brass Quintet (1995) 5:25  Premiered Morse Recital Hall, Yale University 4/95

It’s Come Undone

Composed for Trumpet, Percussion and digital effects (1999) 13:00 Premiered by Eduardo Leandro, David Cossin, and Richard Clymer on 4/99

Suburban Psycho Drama

aka Scenes from Suburbia for clarinet and piano (2000) 9:00 Composed for Derek Bermel and Kathleen Supové and premiered by them on 5/00

Homage to Egberto

Composed for Soprano, Soprano Saxophone, Keyboards and Bass (1999) 5:25 Premiered by Lisa Bielawa, Andrew Sterman, Philip Glass, and Eleonor Sandresky  12/99

Arranged for piano four-hands (2001) 5:30  Premiered at Pen and Brush with Nurit Tilles and Eleonor Sandresky on pianos 11/03.


A Summer Evening

for electric guitar and piano (2013) 4:00 Premiered at Spectrum NYC in 2013 by Pat Irwin and Eleonor Sandresky

This piece also exists in a trio format for piano and 2 higher voiced instruments. Please contact the composer to discuss options.