Dream, float, imagine… my music and live performance offers these opportunities to the listener and audience. My music is a portal to another place, a place of your choosing. You are invited to join me on a journey into a beautiful, undulating place where your imagination can roam free. Here you can dream, escape into a reality-altering experience. Here you feel what you feel – whatever you want to feel. The experience is there for the asking. Come fly with me!

I call myself a Choreographic Pianist and Composer.  My dream is to facilitate a reconnection between our physical bodies with our physical sound world.  A life-long amateur dancer and dance lover, my pieces incorporate physical, choreographed movement into the fabric of the compositions.  This “dance” is part of playing the instruments for which the pieces are conceived. I make them alone or in collaboration with others in wild and virtuosic explorations of the extremes of instrumental playing.  The pieces are emotionally deep, expounding on the emotional content of the music. These are thought provoking and emotion-packed works that touch the audience in a deep place. I want to move you personally and also as your community, aka my audience, to feel and experience deeply. This work asks questions and  explores a wide range of sonic and visual spaces from whimsical and outright comedic to the intimate and transcendent.  By bringing the performers’ whole body into the work, the emotional landscape is extravagant, with swirls of colorful sound and romantic gestures. A whole unexpected world is waiting for you to discover it in this intensely personal work.